• Say Hello to the Missing Link of Dog Training . . .

Say Hello to the Missing Link of Dog Training . . .

Crafted to perfection in the United States

Each collar is cut and constructed by hand, with explicit attention paid to the smallest of details including seams, symmetry and structure.

About Us

The K9 Precision Training Collar

The K9 Precision Training Collar was created out of shear necessity. After training dogs for the general public for over 15 years, Mitch Fletcher had a reoccurring experience with the available training tools that consistently frustrated him.

It was time for him and his clients to stop struggling with outdated, unsafe, and cumbersome equipment and have access to something simple to use but safe and effective.

"Amazing collar! This tool completely changed how I was training my dog."

- Sarah, Salisbury MD

"I've been using prong collars for years and always hated them. I can't believe it took this long to find a better solution."

- Jordan, Denver CO

"Training looks and feels better now."

- Alex, Gaithersburg MD