Dog Training Collar

Are you interested in purchasing a dog training collar, but ready to try something that makes more sense than the traditional tools available? You’ve come to the right place. The Precision Collar is a durable and humane training tool that when used with the appropriate training program, can help improve the behavior of your dog. This collar outperforms traditional training collars for dogs, owners and trainers alike. Wondering if we have your size? The K9 Precision™️ collars come in Small, Medium and Large to cover all sizes of dogs. 

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Alternative to the Prong Collar

Are you tired of struggling with outdated and unsafe prong collars? Allow K9 Precision™️ to guide you through your dog training journey with our refined training collar that is breaking the mold from traditional tools. The Precision Collar can be fully customized to the desired intensity by simply trimming the tips of the cones with household scissors or clippers to make the cones to your required bluntness.

Precision Collar vs Prong Collar

What makes the K9 Precision™️ collar a top of the line training tool?

Consider the following...

Ease of Use: The Precision Collar is placed on the dog and taken off the dog with the simplicity of a flat buckle collar.

Aesthetics: Finally train your dog without worrying about being judged by ill-informed neighbors or those around you.

Safety: There is no possibility of the Precision Training Collar "popping" apart unexpectedly, or getting caught up in your dog's environment, such as their crate.

Effectiveness: The Precision Collar is effective for Positive Punishment training with minimal force needed.


Collar Comparison Precision Training Collar Metal Prong Collar Plastic Prong Collar
Is this tool effective for training a "soft" dog?
Is this tool effective for training a "hard" dog? X
Is this tool simple to resize depending on the dog's neck size? X X
Is this tool easy to put on/take off? X
Is this tool safe to use without a "back up safety feature"? X X
Does this tool have an appealing visual aesthetic when on a dog? X X
Can this tool be utilized by someone with minimal hand dexterity? X
Is the tool customizable to desired intensity? X X

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